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Double Shaft Coarse Crushing Machine

Double Shaft Coarse Crushing Machine

Rough crusher specially designed for processing all kinds of heavy junk, the crusher is mainly applied in the large living garbage broken, biomass material Broken, solid waste recycling precrushing and garbage power plant and crushing all ki

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Double shaft rough crusher
Rough crusher using cutters to cut,tear,extruding each other, used for crushing all kinds of solid waste, have good blasting results of hard and soft material, often used in MSW (municipal solid waste) disposal of MSW pretreatment, resource recycling and waste incineration pretreatment, landfill, etc environmental protection.The device with low speed, high torque design, high shear force, tearing effect is good, low noise, good stability, etc.

Scope of application
●waste tires
●large pipes, pipe fittings
●forklift plate

aluminum alloy, motor shell, scrap aluminum parts
Less than 10 mm, thickness of copper and scrap steel and iron
Broken - mixing - field of refuse derived fuel pump system
Garbage burning area
Hazardous waste treatment plant system
Waste incineration power plants
Refuse derived fuel (RDF)
Pretreatment of biomass fuel

Comprehensive classification, recovery and recycling plant
Municipal solid waste treatment plant, injection molding, extrusion side of the foot,- PP, PE, PET, PC, ABS, nylon, etc.- PE, PP plastic pipe- film, woven bag- wire and cable 
Wood + -Barrel class products: plastic, metal barrels, paint bucket, IBC barrel, trash can
Garbage: domestic waste, medical waste, the botanical garden rubbish
Plastic products: plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic pieces, plastic cans
Metal products: aluminum, oil filter, car shell, cans, metal cans
Paper: paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, copy paper
Electronic appliances: refrigerators, TV sets, washing machines, circuit boards, laptop shell, TV shell, CD
Glass products: glass cotton, glass, glass bottles

Product Advantage
1, Intelligent
The GEP intelligent patented technology, the realization of automatic lubrication, abnormal alarm, intelligent monitoring, intelligent protection system, reduces the failure rate, save the maintenance cost.
2, Custom
According to different types of solid waste, physical dimension, discharge requirements, material moisture, we can custom design crusher parameters, shape of cutting tool, and process, to achieve the best effect of crushing in crusher.
3, Environmental protection
Can provide customers with professional smart dust system, for all producing dust control, energy conservation and environmental protection;Design with low speed, large torque, low vibration, low noise, fully meet the environmental requirements.
4, Reliable
PLC touch screen control, Siemens motor.Integral knife box, European imported knives, knife box advanced locking technology, multiple bearing seal, ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

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