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Scrap Aluminum Shredder

Scrap Aluminum Shredder

The tire shredder crush all kinds of used tires into 50-80mm rubber blocks.

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Working Principle

The scrap aluminum shredder consists of the main structure of the motor, planetary reducer, rotating cutter shaft, imported moving knife, fixed knife, frame, base, box, and working platform.
The fixed shaft of the double-axis metal shredder frame is equipped with a detachable inserting movable knife on the rotating cutter shaft, and the fixed knife and the movable knife are made of imported SKD11.
The two-shaft metal shredder is programmable by PLC and has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate.

Raw material
Scrap rotor, packing aluminum, All kinds of waste aluminum materials, light steel, light iron, and other scrap metal materials.

Final product

The materials After high-speed impacting and extruding into a spherical iron block with 50-80mm. 
The rust, paint and other impurities on the surface of material will be separated during extruding. 
Machine Detail

YUXI brand double shaft shredder machine is new designed especially for shredding various big solid materials, unmanageable materials, plastic containers and barrel, waste tire, scrap metal, fiber and solid waste which the normal crusher can not handle. 
We are a true manufacturer in Zhengzhou City, professional can design new models as your special requests.

The internal gear of the planetary reducer adopts 20CrMnTi carburizing and quenching and has the characteristics of small volume, lightweight, high bearing capacity, long service life, stable operation, low noise, large output torque, large speed ratio, high efficiency, and safety performance. 
It has the characteristics of power splitting and multi-tooth meshing.

The bade material is made of special alloy tool steel forging banks, precision machining, multiple heat treatments and low temperature freezing heat treatment technology.
The overall toughness of hardness can be used repeatedly.
- Customized according to clients raw-materials thickness and finished Product Size
- SKD11 high alloy steel material
- Hardness ≥62-65 HRC
- Strong impact resistance
- Good toughness and surface hardness
- 100% ultrasonic nondestructive inspection

Customer cases

Model Power(kw) Capacity Product size Hopper size Weight Dimension
YXS-600 15*2KW 2-3T/H 3-10CM 0.82*0.9M 2.5T 2.6*2*1.9M
YXS-800 22*2KW 3-5T/H 3-10CM 0.9*1.0M 3.6T 2.8*2*1.9M
YXS-1000 37*2KW 5-8T/H 3-10 CM 1.2*1.0M 5.7T 3*2*1.9M
YXS-1200 45*2KW 6-10T/H 3-10CM 1.4*1.0M 9.5T 3.2*2*1.9M
YXS-1400 55*2KW 8-12T/H 3-10CM 2.0*2.0M 18T 4.3*2*2.4M
YXS-1600 75*2KW 12-18T/H 3-10CM 2.3*2.0M 24T 5*3*2.4M
YXS-2000 90*2KW 16-22T/H 3-10CM 2.3*2.0M 35T 6*3.5*2.4M
YXS-2200 132*2KW 20-26T/H 3-10CM 2.5*1.8 62T 7*4*4.5m
YXS-2600 160*2KW 25-60T/H 3-10CM 3.2*2.0 85T 8.2*4*4.3m

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