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Waste Lithium Battery Recycling Equipment

Waste Lithium Battery Recycling Equipment

Battery torn by conveyor to the primary shredding machine, torn material through the conveyor into secondary multiple blade crusher in the second crushing, the secondary crushing of material into the conveyor at the same time and set in the

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Product Description
Economic and efficient waste lithium battery separation recovery equipment

Flow Diagram
1.Rolling machine: Spent the lithium battery tearing up.
2. Crusher: Completely break the batteries after rolling.
2.Grinder: Put the broken materials crushing.
3.Analytical engine: Shredded material separated in picces through air separation.
4.Induced draft fan: After the winnowing graphite powder are collected.
5.Trimmer: The dust emissions are collected through induced draft fan.
6.Pulse dust catcher(Air cleaner): Put the dust of whole equipment to purify.
7.Classifying screen: Sorting the filtered material by analyzing machine,picking out the big metal material.
8.Magnetic: Separate the nickel of metal.
9.Gravity separator: Specific gravity separated after sorting the material,separate metal thoroughly.
Product Name Waste lithium battery
recycling machine
Application Waste lithium battery recycling
Production Capacity 0.2-1Tons / Hour
Over All Size 26311*6121-6350mm
Total Power <129.25KW
Power Three-phase alternating
current 380V/50HZ, 200KVA
Maximum Size of Waste Battery(mm) 600*600 
Iron Recovery Reta(wt%) 99%
Copper Recovery Rate(wt%) 98%
Positive Negative Material
Recovery Rate

Cobalt, lithium, copper and plastics in waste lithium batteries are valuable resources and have high recovery value. Therefore, the scientific and effective treatment and disposal of the waste lithium battery not only has obvious environmental benefits, but also has good economic benefits.

Our waste lithium battery recycling equipment mainly uses the physical recycling method, supplemented by "three wastes" treatment measures, has the characteristics of low carbon green, energy saving and environmental protection, no two pollution, and taking into account the economic and environmental benefits, not only to achieve the use of the valuable components, and harmless disposal of harmful ingredients.

The entire recovery process to achieve full automation, high recovery efficiency, high processing capacity, processing capacity of 500- 1000 kg per hour, annual processing volume reached 5000 tons, the valuable components of waste lithium battery recycling rate can be more than 90%.
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