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Magnetic Separator Machine

Magnetic Separator Machine

The tire shredder can shred all kinds of used tires into 50-80mm rubber blocks.

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Permanent magnet self-unloading suspension self-unloading iron remover is the most effective equipment to remove a large number of ferromagnetic impurities in thick materials transported by conveyor belt or chute to protect the safety and stability of downstream processing equipment and improve the purity of products.
The permanent magnet self-unloading suspension self-unloading iron remover can be installed parallel or cross-over on the conveyor belt, automatically sucking iron, automatically unloading iron, and realize automatic continuous operation.
The main working principle is to separate black or non-ferrous materials by the magnetic field generated by permanent magnets or coils.

More Details

1. The magnetic field is constant, the distribution is reasonable, the magnetic field depth is large, and the adsorption force is strong.
2. The compact structure requires a small installation space on the upper part of the conveyor belt.
3. Uninterrupted magnetic protection eliminates the possibility of a power failure and electrical component failure.
4. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of belt widths and load depths.
5. Easy to install and low operating costs.

Model Adapt to bandwidth(mm) Rated lifting height(mm) Magnetic field strength
Material thickness
YXC-6 600 175 70 120 1.5 4.5 1080
RCYD-8 800 250 70 200 2.2 4.5 1390
RCYD-10 1000 300 70 250 3.0 4.5 1660
RCYD-12 1200 350 70 300 4.0 4.5 2000
RCYD-14 1400 400 70 350 4.0 4.5 2165
RCYD-16 1600 450 70 400 5.5 4.5 2400
RCYD-18 1800 500 72 450 5.5 4.5 2590
RCYD-20 2000 550 72 500 7.5 4.5 2840

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