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Eddy Current Sorting Machine

Eddy Current Sorting Machine

产品介绍 油漆桶破碎机,又称为油漆桶粉碎机,是金属破碎机的一种,是一种先进的破碎设备,该产品在吸收多种破碎机优点的基础之上,充分运用冲击、剪切、相互撞击、研磨等理论

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Introduction of Hot Sale Eddy Current Sorting Machine

The eddy current sorting machine is mainly used for recovering non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum from industrial waste and domestic waste. 
Eddy current sorer can be widely used in environmental protection fields such as garbage disposal, recycling of used electrical appliances and materials processing in non-ferrous metal processing industries. Excellent sorting effect on a variety of non-ferrous metals, strong adaptability.

Working Principle of YUXI Eddy Current Sorting Machine

When the eddy current sorting machine is working, a high-frequency alternating magnetic field is generated on the surface of the sorting magnetic roller.
When the conductive non-ferrous metal passes through the magnetic field, an eddy current is induced in the non-ferrous metal, and the eddy current itself Producing a magnetic field opposite to the direction of the original magnetic field, non-ferrous metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) will leap forward in the direction of their transport due to the repulsive force of the magnetic field, achieving separation from other non-metallic materials for sorting purposes.
The main distinguishing criterion is the ratio of the conductivity and density of the material, and the material with a higher ratio is easier to separate than the material with a lower ratio. 

Advantages of Commercial Used Eddy Current Sorting Machine

1. Adopt intelligent touch control cabinet system, variable frequency control, and run more smoothly and reliably;
2, Using PLC programmable control, one-button start, simple operation;
3. The magnetic roller adopts effective magnetic system protection to prevent the magnetic system from falling off during high-speed operation; 
Technical Parameters
Model YX-400 YX-600 YX-1500
Magnetic roller diameter(mm) 300 300 300
Magnetic roller speed(r/min) 0-3000 0-3000 0-3000
Belt width(mm) 450 650 1550
Capacity(t/h) 2-4 4-6 8-16
Power(kw) 3+0.55 4+0.75 11+3.0
Weight(kg) 1000 1400 2600
Dimension(mm) 1885*1450*1150 2980*1883*1210 2980*2633*1210

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