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Scrap Metal Baler Machine

Scrap Metal Baler Machine

Tire cutter is designed to cut car, truck and rear tractor tires. Range is up to 1200 mm truck tires.

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Introduction of Scrap Metal Baler Machine
Yuxi scrap metal baler machine for processing metal, metal shaving, like aluminium cans,steel wire
and so on.
The metal baler equipment can pack scrap metal into various smaller shapes.

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Scrap metal compactor are applicable in steel plants, recycling companies, ferrous non-ferrous smelting industry to press metal scraps, like scrap steel,scrap cars ,scrap copper,scrap aluminum, scraps stainless steel,discarded automobiles,metal sheet,steels scrap iron) into small shape.

Structure and principle:

The packaged material is placed in the baler bin, the hydraulic cylinder is pressed to work, and the packaged material is compression-molded and pressed into various metal blocks.

Model YXJD-63 YXJD-100 YXJD-125 YXJD-400
Pressure(KN) 630 1000 1250 4000
Packing Dimension(mm) 1000*600*500 1000*700*550 1200*700*600 3000*2000*1200
Size(mm) 190*190 230*230 300*300 500*600
Weight(kg) 15~30 30~40 50~75 250~380
Capacity(t/h) 0.4~0.8 0.6~1.2 1.2~1.5 6.8~8.0
Power 7.5 11 15 45*2


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