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Metal Shredder

Metal Shredder

this machine is to cut the whole tire into tread, sidewall and bead.

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Double shaft shredder machine also called coarse crusher, All kinds of scrap metal materials through the hopper enter chamber, using the rotating blades to cut, tear, crushing to each other in the chamber, and then outputs the finished product directly.

Suitable Material
Heavy Melting Scrap (HMS): heavy waste metals: 6mm<Thickness≤10mm, Waste steel plate, 5mm-25mm reinforcing steel bar (Rebar).
Light Melting Scrap (LMS): Light waste metals: 1mm<Thickness≤6mm, scrap metals, waste gas tank, LPG gas containers, scrap bike, waste tricycle, scrap car shells, baby carriage, fan, Ventilator, motor shells, scrap metal, oil Iron tank, Iron hollow barrels, large blue barrels, beverage cans, tin cans, UBC, UBC Baled, scrap aluminum windows, waste aluminum alloy, scrap security door.

Shape and final product size
Shredding entire waste metal materials into Block, Chip, Pieces with different small size, 5-30cm can be customized according to clients request.

Machine details

Shredding Blade
-  The moving bade material is made of special alloy tool steel forging banks, precision machining, multiple heat treatments and low temperature freezing heat treatment technology.
-  The overall toughness hardness can be used repeatedly.
Shredding Bearing
- Very long service life
- High speed rotation
- High efficiency Running etc.
Shredding Shaft
- Adopt high strength alloy steel
- 55-58 HRC hardness after surface nitriding treatment
- 100% ultrasonic non-destructive inspection
- Ensures the shaft drive without break under high torque operation.
Shredder Chamber
- Processed and borehole as a whole by high-precision CNC machine
- Running smoothly in long time and high load working condition
- Prolong the service life of the transmission parts
- Waterproof and dust proof by multiple seals in the chamber
Planetary Reducer
- Hardened surface Teeth with high-strength low-carbon alloy steel by carburizing and quenching
- Numerical control grinding technology
- Long service life
- High load-carrying capacity
100% Pure Copper Motor
- Low resistivity
- High corrosion resistance
- Longer life than aluminum copper under high temperature operation

Model Power(kw) Capacity Product size Hopper size Weight Dimension
YXS-600 4-15*2KW 2-3T/H 3-10CM 0.82*0.9M 2.5T 2.6*2*1.9M
YXS-800 4-22*2KW 3-5T/H 3-10CM 0.9*1.0M 3.6T 2.8*2*1.9M
YXS-1000 4-37*2KW 5-8T/H 3-10 CM 1.2*1.0M 5.7T 3*2*1.9M
YXS-1200 4-45*2KW 6-10T/H 3-10CM 1.4*1.0M 9.5T 3.2*2*1.9M
YXS-1400 4-55*2KW 8-12T/H 3-10CM 2.0*2.0M 18T 4.3*2*2.4M
YXS-1600 4-75*2KW 12-18T/H 3-10CM 2.3*2.0M 24T 5*3*2.4M
YXS-2000 4-90*2KW 16-22T/H 3-10CM 2.3*2.0M 35T 6*3.5*2.4M
YXS-2200 4-132*2KW 20-26T/H 3-10CM 2.5*1.8 62T 7*4*4.5m
YXS-2600 4-160*2KW 25-60T/H 3-10CM 3.2*2.0 85T 8.2*4*4.3m

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